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By April 20, 2020General
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COVID-19 pandemic has understandably unleashed a storm of uneasiness everywhere on this planet of ours wreaking deep strains in our fragile hearts.  It is against this backdrop that I write this short message at this momentous time in our generational history as a show of gesture to all Menergy employees and other stakeholders in our business community.

On behalf of the Executive Board and myself, I would like to render our unqualified appreciation to our cherished crew on board Pacific Bora, staff working actively at projects sites globally as well as our other fellow business citizens.

Your commitment has made the difference in weathering the COVID-19 crisis to date. For such front line workers we say “Bravo” in your unwavering effort at maintaining business continuity thus “bearing the torch” of our collective effort, resilience and determination, characteristic of the Menergy brand.

We share the impact that the current and quite unprecedented global travel restrictions have had on your personal and family situation and believe that its exit would bring out some of the finest personal values and work ethics.

Mr. Daniel Mensah, CEO of Menergy Group of Companies

For those in the catering units of our business you are kindly reminded of the special responsibility and linkage that food management has with the COVID-19 spread thus behooving on all of us to garner all effort to “flatten the curve” of the virus spread as quickly as our conveniences allow.

Consistent with the advice of the World Health Organization, all of our office staff have been provided with adequate personal protective equipment and are practicing “social distancing” by operating effectively from home until further notice.

We commend the Staff in this work bracket for having moved quickly to adapt, continuing to advance Menergy’s course while balancing commitments to family, friends, and themselves.

Truly, inspired we particularly are, by your individual resolve and without gainsaying are proud of your high sense of work attitude and ethics displayed so far in maintaining our image and brand, providing support services to our projects onshore and offshore during this crisis.

For others in our business community, we express our heartfelt appreciation for the depth of your understanding and emotional support showed to us during this period of uncertainties.

With this displayed personal care by all constituents, it is our utmost conviction that Menergy would traverse this dark moments of our generational history with grace and come out even stronger and more united for better days ahead.